We help crush the rampant Democrat election fraud.

We provide new technology videos which blow the opposition out of the water.


We were trained at the university by on-target government professors, and by the best field political operatives, in amazingly effective traditional election winning methods.  We've combined that with advanced methods of grass-roots mobilization.

Specialist in URBAN campaigns.  We know how to wind them, even against all odds.

Today, the leftist, statist, opponents, resort to dishonesty, dirty tricks, and election fraud.  We know how to deal with these new intensity problems, while remaining ethical, truthful.  Following the Republican way.

We can help our clients raise funds.  Unusual yet effective new methods which can be added to your existing fund raising program.

Also, based on our strong formal training and experience in winning, we propose a winning sets of strategies and tactics for our candidates. 

And we are the leading experts in the US about effective canvassing methods as well as new strategies and tactics based on the weaknesses of our opponents.  And they have many.

We help crush the rampant Democrat election fraud before it happens.  The shock troops are here, give us a call or an email.

Help you with methods to deal with even hostile press.

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